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Re: routing problem solved

The installation menu provides a prototype network number made from the
logical AND of your IP address and your netmask. If the user types in the
wrong netmask or overrides the prototype network number (which I think is
what happened here), they can get an incorrect value. I'll have to look at
this when I get home, I'm not in front of my Debian system.

Netmasks, by the way, can legitimately have zeroes in less than all 8
bits of the last octet. They should, however, have zeroes in one or
more low-order bits, and we could check for that.



On Wed, 12 Jun 1996, Rick Hawkins wrote:
> Under the beta releases with 1.3.9x, the following file is created:
> #!      /bin/sh
> ifconfig lo
> route add
> ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST}
> route add -net ${NETWORK}
> route add default gw ${GATEWAY} metric 1
> these last two lines simply aren't working with the variable names.  I
> added 

> The reason the last "route add -net ${NETWORK}" is not working is that it
> is expecting a network address (ending in .0) and it is getting a host
> address instead.

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