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Python, minicom problems

Some packages seem to 'require' things they shouldn't need.  For
example, gnuplot can run (believe it or not, I've used this)
with a terminal of 'dumb,' outputting text graphs etc., but
needs xlib.  I solved this last time by just installing xlib,
even though I wasn't running X.

I ran into this problem again today; python requires tk40
and tcl74, which is fine if you want to use tkinter, but
I don't, at this point.  I would try to appease it, but
unfortunately I only have tk41 and tcl75.

What I'll probably do is go to a networked machine and put
tk40 and tcl75 on disk, but it would be nicer if there was
some system that could disable/enable features in packages.
I am reminded of this by the recent announcement of libc5
with support for pthreads; it would be fun to try a threaded
python, but wouldn't make much sense if you didn't have the
pthreads kernal module installed.

The other solution is to just have a bunch of different python
packages for whatever system, but that's not as Neat.

In other news, minicom consistantly fails to install:

  dpkg (subprocess): unable to execute new pre-installation script: 
  No such file or directory

And modconf always dies in the 'net' section (I had this machine
networked to get what I thought I needed, then taken off).  It took
me awhile sans man to find that I needed to change conf.modules and
/etc/modules.  No, I don't know why it dies; it just waits a really
long time looking for modules, and then returns to the previous
menu.  When I looked closely once, I saw a 'Segmentation Fault' for
a moment, but I haven't been able to reproduce this.

But I'm certainly glad to finally have linux at home; if I can
just figure out anything about this monitor, I could give X a try...
but that's another story.

Thanks for your time,

Paul Kautz, Jumbo Yaffa Blocks #94:             [          ] Avast  Bim
1996 is the year of the accordion.              pek@ralph.rmwc.edu  Bom
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