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X with an ET4000/W32 PCI card

Hello all:

I have been helping out a colleague with a Linux installation on a Cyrix 
5x86 system on a combination PCI/VLB motherboard.  Everything works fine 
except for X.  We have tried running the ET4000/W32 server and the SVGA 
server as per the README.W32.  No Luck!  Basically, the symptoms are that 
the video is placed in some funny mode where nothing is visible on the 
screen even though the X-server has exitted.  It is hard to judge blindly 
whether the machine is in reality back at a virtual console (Ctrl-Alt-Del 
works for rebooting).  No matter what attempts to switch video modes are 
made, the card is stuck in this funny mode.  This happens for both the 
W32-specific driver ans the SVGA driver.  

Any suggestions?  We are reluctant to throw away this video card but the 
frustration level is rising.


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