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Re: pthreads and libc version for debian 1.1

Michael Callahan writes:
> I would like to play with pthreads, and was wondering what I must
> do to get phtreads support built into my libc.  Do I have to
> compile the latest version of libc myself, with pthreads
> specified somewhere?  Or is it in the latest version already?

Here is the relevant section from H.J. Lu's release notes:

> The MIT pthread library 1.60 beta2 seems to work.  It passed most of tests
> in the MIT pthread package. The pthread libraries are not installed by
> default, nor are binaries included.  You may want to remove "-g" from the
> default CFLAGS for the pthread library.  You need to install the libraries
> "elfshared/libpthread.so.1.60.beta2" and "elfstatic/libpthread.a" in
> either /usr/local/lib or /usr/lib manually.  You must run ldconfig after
> installing them.
> To compile pthread programs, you need to add -D_MIT_POSIX_THREADS to
> CFLAGS and -lpthread to LDFLAGS.  The network _r functions are still
> missing.
> Due to the implementation of the pthread library, pthread only works
> with the shared libpthread.

Would someone like to test the pthread library that is built?  You'll
need to get the libc5 source and recompile the entire package
yourself.  If libpthread proves to work, I'll include it in either the
next libc5 package or a separate libpthread package.

> Also, why does debian 1.1 use libc-5.2.18 when libc-5.3.12 is available?
> Is it for stability reasons?

For stability.  Libc 5.3.12 was brand new when we first started
preparing to release Debian 1.1.

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