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Re: How to handle new packages

>>>>> Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.chu.cam.ac.uk> writes:

> Brian C. White writes ("Re: How to handle new packages"):
>> > As I understand dselect, it looks at the Packages file to determine
>> > the list of packages, their dependencies, and whatever else.
>> > 
>> > Suppose I want to upgrade a single package.  I grab the .deb file.
>> > But now what?  The Packages file doesn't know about the new package.
>> > 
>> > I know I could install it using dpkg, but isn't there a way to tell
>> > dselect about the new package?
>> Use:  dpkg --install package-name-version.deb

> If you just want to tell dselect about it, rather than installing it,
> you can say `dpkg --update-avail foobar*.deb', but it seems rather
> silly just to do this by hand :-).

But suppose that foobar requires other packages.  Wouldn't it then
make sense to do the --update-avail, then go into dselect to see what
other packages I may have to install as well.  Then, if I either don't
have or don't want these other packages or don't have the disk space or
whatever, I can just forget about installing foobar.

Steve Preston (spreston@gte.com)

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