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Re: Netscape Mail & /var/spool/mail permissions

> I am wondering how I should set the permissions for /var/spool/mail
> if I want to use Netscape Mail. The debian base system has it set to
> drwxrwsr-t (user=root group=mail). However, this does not work with
> Netscape Mail. Netscape suggests setting it to mode 01777 ie drwxrwxrwt.
> What is the suitable arrangement which satisfies debian concerns of
> security?

First, use the "Netscape" debian package.

Second, do _not_ change the permissions of /var/spool/mail.  The permissions
that Netscape suggests introduce a small security hole where one user could
potentially gain complete access to another's mail.  (It's small, but true.)
The permissions in the Debian system are correct.

Third, under "Mail & News Preferences", select the "external movemail
program" and set it to "/usr/lib/netscape/movemail".

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