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how updated is 0.93R6?

This is probably a very obvious question, but it isn't answered in the
FAQ and other things I've read on www.debian.org, and I want to be sure.

Has the 0.93R6 stable available on ftp.debian.org been continually updated
since it's release?  Most things wouldn't change without issuing a new
version number, but debian's has remained the same.  Obviously, there have
been a lot of updates and security issues resolved since its release last
October.  I'd rather install a stable version than the beta 1.1 due to
the important nature of the machine that I'll be installing on, but I might
give the beta 1.1 a try just to get newer versions of things if everything
in 0.93R6 is over 6 months old now.

Please reply directly as I'm not a regular follower (yet) of this list.

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