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Re: NE2000 compatible card problem

> Dear Linuxer,
> I have try with several NE2000 compatible cards with 10BaseT and BNC  
> autodetected. None of them works with the 10BaseT interface but works 
> fine with the BNC interface.

What kind of cards are these?  Do they support _both_ 10base-t and 10base-2,
or do you have 2 cards, each which support 1 interface?  Are they software
or hardware (jumper) configurable?

If you have an NE2000 card which supports both 10baseT and 10base2, then
you must properly tell it which interface you're useing.  This may be
done with a jumper on the board, or done with software you should have
received with the card.

Next, are you sure you have working cables and hub for the 10BaseT?  Unlike
10base2 (BNC) you can't connect 2 cards directly together, but must use
a hub between them.  Most cards and hubs have link lights that light up when
a proper connection has been established.  If these don't come on, you
may have bad cables, or your card may be configured for BNC.

> I did not find information in the Ethernet-Howto. Does anybody know 
> the problem and solution?

Thanks for checking the docs first :).

				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
				- http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin

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