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Re: Where are the new packages put?

**Le 21 May, Dans l'article Where are the new packages put?,
**	Yves Arrouye (Yves Arrouye <arrouye@marin.fdn.fr>) écrivait:
YA>I'd like to know if new packages (like dpkg 2.0, xtel, etc) go: I can't
YA>easily find them on the ftp.ibp.fr mirror, for example.
YA>Is there a list of newly released packages with their location in the
YA>Debian archives>?
	You can use dftp...

NB: (or for french users...)
	There is a list of newly "ftp.ibp.fr:/pub/linux" files with their location
	posted on fr.comp.os.linux. The list you want is simply a subset
	of this list. 

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