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Re: dselect complaints

William S. Gribble wrote:
> Ian Jackson wrote:
> > I'm not interested in hearing any more complaints or even extensive
> > suggestions for improvement, unless the person complaining is
> > volunteering to do the work on a new interface.
> If you don't want feedback about the tools, might I suggest that you
> give up their maintenance to someone who does?  Dselect as it exists
> is nothing more or less than a working prototype of the tool it needs
> to be.

I think you misunderstood Ian's statement. Once again, you are complaining
(rather harshly, I might add) without volunteering to write code. Ian has a
lot of responsibilities, and he performs them well. Like Raul, I think that
you or others could help without taking over maintenance of the dpkg package.

> I realize that it is too late for a rewrite of dselect before the
> release of 1.1.  However, let's just get it out in the open: as it
> stands, dselect is a liability with respect to general acceptance of
> debian.  It is a nightmare to use, has an interface that only its
> programmer could love, and gives the appearance that at every moment
> you use it your entire system is in jeopardy.  The subtext in Bruce's
> recent public announcement about the relationship between Debian and
> the FSF was that Debian is comparable to or better than Caldera/Red
> Hat.  New users are going to look at dselect and immediately decide
> that Bruce must be smoking crack.

Maybe I'm enjoying the same substances, but I like dselect. I won't argue
that dselect _cannot_ be improved, but I happily use it at least once a week
to maintain and upgrade my system. I use the dpkg-ftp method exclusively, and
I love it. (The only thing that I can think of that would save me time would
be a "New Packages" summary, but I'm doing just fine without it.)

Aside:  I'm probably flame-bait, but if I were to write a user interface in
python/Tk, would anybody want it? I realize that perl is (debian) standard
and Tcl/Tk is popular, but I am a python/Tk lover. :-) Well, I think I'll do
it anyway because it'll make me happy, and then we can talk about the rest of
you. ;-)

Jeff Ebert

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