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Re: random post

Guy Maor writes ("Re: random post"):
> On Fri, 17 May 1996, Kevin M Bealer wrote:
> > > No.  Report it as a bug against base.  Or better yet, write an updated
> > > MAKEDEV script from devices.tex.
> > here's the diff to the MAKEDEV script:
> Hehe, that's not what I meant.  Take a look at devices.tex.  There's
> LOTS and LOTS of stuff that's not in MAKEDEV, and consequently, not in
> the base package.  And there's lots of links and stuff that MAKEDEV
> creates that shouldn't be created.  I meant for you to write a brand
> new MAKEDEV based off a recent devices.tex.
> That's a bit more than a 2 line patch.

Quite.  I'd very much like to see a MAKEDEV that
(a) didn't create a device if a device with its major and minor number
already exists in /dev (this is so that the sysadmin can rename
devices / move them into subdirectories / etc).
(b) was run out of the base postinst, rather than at package build

See also my bug#2524.


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