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Re: X lock file


> I have one server, with several diskless clients (except for one boot 
> floppy). The diskless clients often get rebooted while running X, 
> leaving the lock file on the server. 
> Some times, the PID in the lock file is the next reboot taken by
> a getty. This will cause X to refuse to start up, saying that the
> X server is already running.

You should have a different /var/ (or at leat /var/run) for every client on
the NFS-Server. Most of the Unix Lockfiles are not designed (i.e. no
hostname) to be shared accross multiple hosts, one cant guess which PID
belongs to which process on which host. Simply mount /var from
server:/nfsexport/var-x.x.x.x with x.x.x.x the ip-number of the client. Then
/var/run is exclusively used and you can clear it at bootup.

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