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Gpm not interacting with emacs, mc


I'd really like to have mouse functionality with mc, and especially,
emacs; I think I have the right stuff installed, but the applications
don't hear the mouse at all.  I have a mostly 1.1 system, upgraded in
place from a 0.93r6.  All base packages are newest versions, except for
those that go along with a 1.3 kernel.  Emacs is 19.30-1, mc 3.1.4-0 ,
gpm 1.06-1 ; also the latest versions.

I have a PS/2 style Compaq mouse, on a Presario 433.  My current kernel
was compiled with only PS/2 support, I said no to all other mouse type
options, in case that's relevant.

Unfortunately, I have little idea what to fix in the interaction between
the packages.  Gpm works properly selection-style on the console, and
mev works and seems to give the right output, including in elisp-output

In emacs, I 'load-library t-mouse' and execute 't-mouse-run.'  That's
all I can see suggested.  Nothing happens, the mouse continues to
function only in selection mode; it can't move point, etc.  I've
tried control- and shift- mouse events, too, but no different.

Mc is the same; the docs for it and gpm say it should work straight off,
but nada.  

Is selection mode getting in the way of these functions; should I
disable it somehow?  That doesn't seem the case but beyond that I'm in
over my head.  Do most people have them working correctly?




Ed Donovan			edonovan@world.std.com

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