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Re: Problem with web site

> a couple of weeks ago I reported a problem with the web site:
> >I have a problem with the Debian web site: http://www.debian.org/
> >The "Name", "Description", and "Maintainer" fields of some of the packages are
> >empty, trying to download such a package results in an "Unknown URL" error.
> Ray responded with:
> >There was a name translation bug in the FTP-interface, which has been
> >fixed now. Please notice that the URLs produced are FTP-URLs; the FTP site
> >is overflowed with requests, so please download from a mirror
> >(see http://www.debian.org/ftp-list.html).
> >The missing information for various entries occurs when the script that
> >generates the pages isn't able to execute dpkg-deb; please contact me
> >directly if this occurs.

> Realy, the problem disappeared for while. Unfortunately, I now have
> exactly the same problem again.

The problem is that the root filesystem on bugs.cps.cmich.edu is full,
so dpkg-deb failed when extracting info using /tmp.

Matt, I've taken the liberty to remove a couple of .glimpse_tmp files,
and a 600K PS file that looked like a webbrowser's temporary file from
/tmp; however this is not enough. Can you please make room?


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