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Re: Dselect proposed interface (was Re: 1.1 installation notes.)

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Christian Hudon wrote:

> > Looks OK (we can include a mouse interface). But what is required more then
> > a new look is the ability to list only the 'installed' packages, or select a
> > singe package to be installed/removed, and a method of seeing which package
> > (installed) is older than its archive version (and will therefore be
> > updated).
> About the interface, it'd be nice to have something mc-ish. (mc = Midnight
> Commander; get it and take a look if you don't have it, there's a Debian
> package for it). It's got pull-down menus and dialog boxes... it's very
> nice, supports gpm mice and is something DOS people will recognize
> instantly. 
> And since mc is GPL'ed, we could borrow their low-level
> interface code. Would save quite a bit of coding work and would make for a
> nice interface, IMHO at least.
>   Christian

There's libraries for this already, for example ncurses.  OTOH I understand
they are quite large (and would have to be linked static of course).  Which
does not bother me personally.

Parents:  this version of Linux contains small components that new
users may pick up and put in their mouth.

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