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Re: elv-fmt dumps core

On Mon, 13 May 1996, Billy Chow wrote:

> On my 93R6, fmt (elv-fmt 1.8pl4-19) dumps core whenever I do `!}fmt'
> in vi (elv-vi 1.8pl4-19).  Anyone else has this trouble?  Any ideas
> how may I find out what's wrong.

I haven't seen this problem (I don't use fmt), but maybe you should have
a look at par instead.  It's a paragraph formatter like fmt but can do
a lot more...and it's very smart about >: etc quote characters when
reformatting email messages.

I packaged it up for debian because I've been using it for years...

If you can't find an a.out version on the ftp sites, email me and i'll
see if I can find a copy.  I've probably still got one somewhere.
Otherwise download the source and build the binary yourself...it only
takes a minute or two to compile.

here's some useful .exrc keymappings for use with vi and par:

    :map [21~ !par
    :map [23~ !}par
    :map [24~ !Gpar

F10 reformats the current V selection (elvis or vim only)
F11 reformats the current paragraph
F12 reformats from current position to end of document.

par's quite flexible...various command line options can make it do all
sorts of useful things.  Mostly, though, I just use my default settings.


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