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Re: where is gs man page?

> In Debian 1.1 beta, there seams to have no man page installed for the gs
> package, there is a directory /usr/doc/gs full of ghostscript documents
> though.  Do one really need the gs man pages?  If so, how to install one? 

This is a major bug indeed!

It is caused by the gs-makefile not allowing me to specify a man-page
directory, and putting al documentation in /usr/doc/gs.
This is where the old gs-2.62-1.deb has the gs.1.gz file -- not very

I have yesterday made gs-2.62-2, that corrects this, (and a few more things)

> Godfrey
> gli@interlog.com

Thanks for the bug-reporting!

joost witteveen
Use Debian Linux!

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