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Re: Must pppd be run by root?

Craig Sanders writes:
>On Sun, 12 May 1996, Rob Browning wrote:
>> >>>>> "R" == Richard Kettlewell <richard@elmail.co.uk> writes:
>> R> pppd has to do various messing around creating network interfaces
>> R> and so on, so running it as (not root) is a bit of a non-starter.
>> R> Why do you want it to be able to run it not as root?
>two words:
>> Right, pppd really needs to be run as root.  You don't want just any
>> user killing your net connection.  If you want to let a selected set
>> of users bring the net connection up and down, check out sudo.  It's
>> designed for this.
>This permissions problem just cost me over $44 (australian dollars).
>I upgraded pppd on the dialin machine at work on Friday night.  Forgot to
>change the permissions on pppd to make it owned by root.ppp, perms=1750. 
>When the line dropped out from my home machine to my work machine at 5am
>the next morning, my home system automatically dialed in

Under the control of what user?  Why not root?

>to re-establish the link.  Logged in OK, ran pppd.  The connection
>dropped again because it didn't have the right perms.  My system then
>proceeded to call every 2 minutes, until I got home and stopped it at
>about 11am.


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