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Re: How to 'tset'

On Mon, 13 May 1996 wohler@uluru.worldtalk.com wrote:
> Ben Armstrong <ben@bgpc.dymaxion.ns.ca> writes:
> > Am I missing something?  I don't see a tset, but I have all of the
> > standard packages for Debian 0.93R6.  Should I be using something
> > else instead?
>   Ditto for me.  Please summarize what you learn.  Thanks!

It has been suggested that it is a part of "ncurses-bin".  However, I
suspect that is a part of Debian 1.1, but not Debian 0.93R6.  I haven't
gone looking, since I have obtained tset from sunsite.unc.edu in the mean
time in source-kit form & successfully installed it.  Therefore I am not
pursuing the matter further. 

An aside: is it just me, or is this list primarily for those who are
bold enough to go with the "unstable" Debian distribution?  More than
one person suggested to me solutions that don't apply to 0.93R6 in spite
of the fact that I was explicit in mentioning which version I was using.
This is not a criticism, just an observation.

Thanks to those who did respond.

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