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Re: News

**Dans l'article <Pine.LNX.3.91.960509224255.13983A-100000@phavl.ultranet.com>,
**	Rob Ransbottom (Rob Ransbottom <rir@phavl.ultranet.com>) écrivait:
RR>With the installation of 1.1, I would like to
RR>set up a news server to serve myself news which
RR>which will be snagged by 'suck' or equivalent.
RR>What package should I be installing?  Any
RR>other tips appreciated.  (I've stretched my
RR>knowledge of bnews far enough.)

You must install inn debian package.
Suck is not yet debianized... but i think i'll make a package
soon because i still use inn+suck ( with no problem!)...

Christophe Le Bars - Email: clebars@teaser.fr

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