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Re: 1.1 X setup default: bs/del don't work with motif apps.

Guy Maor (maor@ece.utexas.edu) wrote on 9 May 1996 20:44:
 >! Shouldn't be necessary
 >keycode 107 = Delete

This is useless for me. I keep getting ESC[3~ when I type delete. With
the latest ncurses libs I still have to use stty erase ^H to be able
to erase when I type backspace.

xbase-3.1.2-8.deb comes with this default Xresources entry:

! Fix Motif client handling of backspace/delete
*XmText.translations: #override\n\
      <Key>osfDelete: delete-previous-character()
*XmTextField.translations: #override\n\
      <Key>osfDelete: delete-previous-character()

It's not necessary if you use the xmodmap entry
keycode 22 = BackSpace, at least not in .99R6. I didn't try removing
the translations above in 1.1 to check if it's still enough.

One odd problem is that for another user the backspace doesn't erase
in netscape, but it does for me :-(


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