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Re: Pb. with 1.1's telinit (sysvinit 2.60)

In article <199605092119.XAA01688@marin.fdn.fr>,
Yves Arrouye  <arrouye@marin.fdn.fr> wrote:
>When issuing a telinit command to change runlevel (from 2 to 4, for
>example), nothing happens :-(, processes are not being sent any signal
>and new processes don't start. Why?

I don't know. I have tested it on a range of Linux systems and
2.60 works fine, including changing runlevels. Perhaps it is
a problem with your setup? Is "telinit" a link to "init" (it
should be, otherwise you're running something else then telinit).

>I heard about a 2.70 sysvinit package on this list. Is it debianized

No, 2.60 is the latest. Unless I have been programming in
my sleep again..

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