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module config in 1.1 install

I have recently installed the beta 1.1 release on 2 systems - a generic desktop
PC (486DX4/80) and an IBM ThinkPad 360 Laptop.  The install is very smooth now.

However, I have not been able to configure modules for the kernel.  I didn't 
even notice the module config option when I first installed, and was wondering 
where it got to.  Then I spotted it later, but all of my attempts to install 
a module fail.  There is a series of messages about not being able to find a
module when I enter one of the subsections.  Selecting a module for 
installation gives a "uname" error (?), and then indicates failure of the
installation.  If I try to "insmod" one of the modules, I get a complaint
about symbols for kernel 1.3.95 not matching the 1.3.95 kernel.

Finally, in order to get the builtin trackpoint device in the Thinkpad to be
recognized, do I need to specify one of the busmouse drivers at bootup (I think
the msbusmouse)???



ps - these were "clean" installs.  And there is nothing in the installation 
notes about configuring modules.

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