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Re: xconsole

boekhold@cindy.et.tudelft.nl wrote:

> when I start X through xdm, I get a nice xconsole that displays all kind 
> of messages. When I start xconsole by hand from an X-session (or from my 
> .xsession-file), I don't get them. How do I get them anyway?
> Maarten

I have a similar problem, but worse: 

'echo test > /dev/console ' gives '/dev/console premission denied'!

> ps. an 'echo "testing" > /dev/console` shows up in the window
Is this because there is a symbolic link from /dev/console to /dev/tty0?

There is also an error on booting from syslogd about not being
able to find /dev/xconsole. What is /dev/xconsole for?

--Derek Lee

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