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Re: 1.1 upg & libc - long

Craig Miller (cam@orion.apana.org.au) wrote on 6 May 1996 19:19:
 >Over the last few days, I have upgraded a (work) machine from
 >0.93r6 to 1.1 beta using Dale Scheetz's manual dpkg instructions.
 >All went smoothly except for libc4. I upgraded dpkg from aout to
 >elf & tried again with the results below. Any ideas ?
 >linux96:/home/debian# dpkg -i --force-conflicts unstable/devel/libc4-4.6.27-14.deb
 >dpkg: considering removing libc in favour of libc4 ...
 >libc is not properly installed - ignoring any dependencies on it.
 >dpkg: yes, will remove libc in favour of libc4.
 >(Reading database ... 13471 files and directories currently installed.)
 >Unpacking libc4 (from unstable/devel/libc4-4.6.27-14.deb) ...
 >ln: libc.so.4.6.27.save: No such file or directory
 >ln: libm.so.4.6.27.save: No such file or directory
 >ln: libcurses.so.0.1.2.save: No such file or directory
 >ln: libdb.so.1.85.1.save: No such file or directory

This also happened to me in a machine where I had tried to install -11
before -14 arrived in the mirror I use. However, doing the install
again shows no problems.

 >linux96:/home/debian# dpkg -s libc
 >Package: libc
 >Status: deinstall ok half-installed
 >Priority: standard
 >Section: devel
 >Maintainer: Ian Murdock <imurdock@debian.org>
 >Version: 4.6.27-6
 >Config-Version: 4.6.27-6
 >Provides: libc.so.4
 >Depends: includes | source
 >Recommends: binutils, gcc
 >Suggests: glibcdoc, manpages
 >Description: The Linux C library.
 >linux96:/home/debian# dpkg -s libc4
 >Package: libc4
 >Status: install ok not-installed
 >Section: devel
 >Maintainer: David Engel <david@ods.com>
 >Source: libc4
 >Version: 4.6.27-14
 >Replaces: libc
 >Provides: libc, libc.so.4
 >Conflicts: libc
 >Description: The Linux C library version 4 (run-time libraries).
 > Includes shared libraries needed to run programs built with libc 4.

This is a bug in dpkg, it should have removed libc. Ian said the next
release would correct it.

Ian, will it not just not stop doing this but also recognize left over
bogus entries and correct them?


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