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Re: ncurses problems with xterm/rxvt

>>>>> "C" == Carlos Carvalho <carlos@riglos.fisica.ufpr.br> writes:

C> One is already mentioned here, that after a program that uses
C> ncurses is called, lines longer than the width of the xterm/rxvt no
C> longer wrap. This happens with nvi, but also with ncftp. Is there a
C> character sequence that can be sent to restore the wrapping?

This is a known problem, and in fact has been fixed (I was so happy).
Unfortunately the new version of ncurses that fixes this has not made
it to the public ftp sites.  In the interim you can do the following
(probably dumb and overkill, but it works):

reset vt100
reset xterm

C> The second problem is that when you're going to search for
C> something inside less, and you want to erase some characters, the
C> backspace just prints ^H instead of erasing. The only way out is to
C> type ^U and retype everything.

I think that's also fixed.  In the interim try using an actual Ctrl-H
key sequence, or the "delete" key (under "insert") instead of
backspace.  That might work.


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