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Re: upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta

On Mon, 6 May 1996, eckes wrote:

> > The problem has something to do with dselect not coping well with
> > packages being listed twice in the Packages file.  
> Why isnt the new dpkg simply stored into the stable Tree? Then a normal
> dselect run would update it. Isnt the new dpkg stable or imrpoveed enough?
It isn't that they are unstable or not improved enough. They each work
fine as long as they are run in their expected environment.
The aout version is expected to run in an R6 system that still has libc or
libc4 but has not yet installed libc5. The elf version is dynamicaly
linked to libc5 (and maybe ncurses) and will not operate until those
libraries have been upgraded.
Thus, the dpkg-1.1.5aout.deb package should be installed in pure R6
systems, in order that the base packages can be upgraded. Once the base
packages have been upgraded the dpkg-1.1.5elf.deb package can be installed
for use in the remaining installation. Once these upgrades have been made
tracking the latest version of dpkg is advisable.



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