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Re: upgrading from 0.93R6 to 1.1 beta

Ian Jackson said:
> The set of instructions that I'm recommending involve using dselect.
> They go like this:
> 1. Install the most recent a.out dpkg version from the upgrades
>    directory on the FTP site.  You probably want at least 1.1.5.  To
>    install it you just type `dpkg --install dpkg-1.1.5.deb' or
>    whatever.

I assume you mean the dpkg in unstable/binary/base, since I couldn't find any
"upgrades" directory. BTW, is there an ELF version of dpkg? I only saw an
a.out version.

> 2. Type `dselect' and go through Access/Update/Select/Install/Remove
>    in order.

Can dftp be used instead? I'd hate to have to download the whole bloody 1.1
hierarchy across my 14.4 modem...

Are there any necessary preconditions which need to be met before upgrading
from 0.93R6 to new libc, gcc, etc from the unstable (1.1) directory? I assume
I'll need a kernel with both ELF and a.out capability, but I understand there
are a *lot* of interdependencies with the new ELF libraries, etc. Also, is it
necessary to upgrade the whole system to ELF, or can libc and such be upgraded
while retaining the ability to run a.out stuff? It would be nice to upgrade
the base system, and still be able to run the old a.out X11 and tex stuff. I
like to upgrade a piece at a time, so that if something breaks, I'll have a
good idea where the broken bit is.

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