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Re: fingerd

chaph and castor are usc's hosts.  I'm at bacon.eggleston.com (not up 24-7
yet, but up a lot, and not public either :)), and running Debian 1.1 beta. 
I haven't updated the linux part of my web page in ages...  I'll do that
right now.  I should say that slackware completely crashed my system, but
that'd be pretty mean. :)

For those following this thread, someone else has been helping me off the 
list and figured out I didn't have a 'nobody' in my /etc/passwd file.  
It's a bug but he had heard something about it before, so recommended not 
to register it.  Anyways, l8rs.

Jason Eggleston

On Fri, 3 May 1996, Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:

> I didn't have any trouble finger-ing you either at chaph.usc.edu or at
> castor.usc.edu.  Perhaps you've solved the problem by now.  If not,
> what site did you have trouble with?  Also, what versions of netbase 
> (which contains tcpd) and netstd (which contains in.fingerd) are you using?  
> I notice that on your WWW page you do not refer to Debian Linux, but only 
> to Slackware and RedHat.  If you're not using the Debian distribution (and, 
> probably, a clean Debian distribution at that), then this mailing list would 
> (in general) have no information on how the various network utilities 
> were set up in those distributions.
> Susan Kleinmann
> sgk@sgk.tiac.net

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