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Re: Bug#2807: X <-> cpp dependency?

David Engel (david@elo.ods.com) wrote on 30 April 1996 17:43:
 >> I'm somewhat confused.  What precisely do you want to do ?
 >> Are cpp and gcc independent alternative packages ?  If so then you
 >> should use Provides/Conflicts.
 >> If cpp is obsolete then you should use Replaces/Conflicts and perhaps
 >> Provides.
 >> What situation do you have ?
 >The former.  I used Replaces/Conflicts for cpp and Replaces/Conflicts/
 >Provides for gcc.

I understand they're alternative, but there's still a bug. I thought
that since I was going to install gcc, I didn't need cpp. The problem
is that the links /usr/bin/cpp and /lib/cpp don't come with gcc. If
gcc really gives everything, it should give these symlinks as well.


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