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Re: debian vs RedHat

In a previous post Nick Busigin <nick@xwing.org> wrote:

> >For what it's worth, I have used a recent version of Caldera/Redhat and I
> >still much prefer Debian.  Keep up the good work!  I'm very much looking
> >forward to version 1.1 and upward. 

And On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, James D. Freels replied:

> Can you be more specific?  What were the shortcomings of Caldera?
> What were the strengths of Debian?  What about the 'extras' that come
> with Caldera: backup, accelerated-X, Word-Imperfect, etc.?

My preference for Debian over Caldera is largely a subjective one. 
Specifically, I prefer Debian's attention to package dependencies and
conflicts.  I also like Debian's approach to separating packages into free
and non-free. Furthermore, I find my Debian system very stable, while my
Caldera system crashes occasionally.  Caldera's uucp package didn't
install as cleanly and required more work to configure it.  Caldera's
sendmail didn't come with rmail which I needed to pick up separately as I
route my mail vial uucp.  As far as the value added features Caldera
offers, the most important one to me was its licensing agreements with
Novell that will hopefully allow us to integrate our UNIX systems with
the Novell systems easily.   I can let you know about how this turns out
after I've had a chance to experiment with this in the near future.

To put things in perspective though, both Debian and Caldera are excellent
distributions and both are getting better day by day.   I wouldn't hesitate
to recommend either one (but personally prefer Debian).

Best regards,


P.S.  Please note that my comments are about a preview release of Caldera 
      and I expect that the problems I mentioned will soon be (or maybe 
      already have been) fixed.  

Nick Busigin                                                nick@xwing.org

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