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Re: dpkg 1.1.3 and sysvinit-2.59-2.deb

Bill Hogan writes ("Re: dpkg 1.1.3 and sysvinit-2.59-2.deb"):
>     But I am sorry if I seemed to be suggesting that I was worried
> about a bug in dpkg because I greatly admire your dpkg system and I am
> sure I have the highest possible reasonable confidence in it; I was
> only asking if it was your express intent that versions of dpkg from
> the Debian-1.1 tree not be used in/on/with Debian-0.93 -- and, as I
> note below, that now appears to me not to be the case.

Versions of dpkg from the 1.1 tree *should* work with packages from
the 0.93 tree.  However ...

>     In this connection, I would like to clarify my earlier question
> about <term.h>.

... the 0.93 packages are broken in some respects, a few of which
prevent recent versions of dpkg from compiling.  I'm afraid I have no
plans to change this.


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