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Re: multiple networks

First things first:  Thinnet doesn't get better.  What you had when you 
started is as good as it will ever be, and it will (and has) break, and 
you can't fix it.  However, if you want to patch together a gateway (I 
assume this from your message), then, yes, you can plug two cards into 
one machine, and, provided there are no hardware conflicts, treat the 
Linux box like a server for the rest of your network, which just happens 
to have things like Telnet and other goodies on it.  Treat it like a 
file-sharing thing.  That should work.  Don't ask me for specific Linux 
commands, because, well, I don't remember 'em, and I'm too lazy to look 
'em up.  But, I did find 'em in (yes, you can scream now) Linux 
Unleashed. (NO!  I didn't buy it!)


On Fri, 15 Mar 1996, Sheldon E. Newhouse wrote:

> I am about to use one of those new Direct Access cable TV wires to attach
> my linux box to the internet.  For financial reasons, it seems that the
> best way to go is with twisted pair to the outside world.  My internal
> network is thinnet.  Any ideas about how to best work in this
> environment?  For instance, can I put two cards in the box, one twisted
> pair and the other thinnet, and somehow get things to work?  Do I need a
> separate hub, etc?  What kind of hardware do I need, etc.?  Any ideas
> about where to find documentation on this matter? 
> Thanks,
>  Sheldon Newhouse
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