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Re: advice on new machine required


Make sure to ask home many PCI/ISA slots it has. Take no less then 7. 
If you get SCSI hard drives minds well get a scsi CDROM. WRAM is Windows
RAM (no affiliation MS Windows I don't think). Supposedly WRAM is faster
then VRAM.


Excerpts from mail: 30-Mar-96 advice on new machine required Giuseppe
Vacanti@deselby (474)

> I am about to buy a new machine and would like to know if there is
> anything I should watch out for.

> It would be a Gateway 2000 P150, SCSI-2 (or II?) Seagate hard disks,
> Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller, HP35480A DAT, Trio 64V+ DRAM PCI 2MB
> video card, Sanyo IDE CD-ROM. All this should work under Linux, but I
> wouldn't mind some first hand impressions/warning.

> Also, there is the option of having WRAM on the video card. What is
> it? Is it Windows-RAM?!

> Thanks,

> Giuseppe

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