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Re: Kernel 1.3.78 successful compiled

Stoyan Kenderov wrote:
> Thanks a lot to the people (Dale Scheetz , David L. Johnson and others)
> who suggested to make  /usr/include/gnu/types.h
> a link to /usr/include/linux/types.h
> This did the job.
Um, I didn't suggest that, actually.  But I did try it, and found that a simple
program would no longer compile with that change.  I DO NOT think this is the
solution.  Too many things break when you do that.  I was able to un-do what
I did, thankfully.

If someone has a real solution, please post it.  

What was it that broke, kernel-1.3.78?  I can't believe that this is right.
Wait.  Did you do a "make mrproper" before you configured your kernel?  
Sometimes that breaks the symlink /usr/src/linux/asm-whatever ->
/usr/include/linux.  Maybe this was the problem??


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