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Re: Seg 11 in GCC

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, Glenn Bily wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have a hard time believing that RAM goes bad as much as you guys/gals
> claim. Nor do I really believe this would happen with modern machines.
> Yes GCC is a memory hog (though they are trying to fix this). If you
> encounter a memory hardware error I think your machine probably would
> not have booted in the first place.

Note the the qualification 'bad memory' is somewhat flacky. Most of the 
time it's access-time related. I once had my 486/33 overclocked at 40 MHz 
and I started having these problems. It depends on how your 
memory-subsystem access your memory, but it can push this to the limit. 
So, when you have 70ns RAM's, you could run into trouble when they're 
really say 72ns......

If anybody thinks this is crap, please tell me so :)


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