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Re: kernel 1.3.xx compile problems..

Eloy F. Macha writes:
> Quick question guys,
> Installed the debian 1.1 (unstable) distribution, with no problems. But
>   while compiling anything using the 1.3 kernels and gcc 2.7.2 r5, do you
> get any errors about 
> gcc: <blah> <blah> received fatal signal 11??
> in specific, i am getting this error message when trying to compile the
> linux kernels (1.3.72,1.3.77,1.3.78). What generates this 'fatal signal' 
> is my main question. I believe it is local to my system, otherwise it 
> might have been 'fixed' as a kernel bug. maybe not?
> This error message appears intermittently when making the .o files 
> (objects) of the drivers, kernel, etc.
> Correct me if I am wrong when taking this approach:
>  - Delete the affected .o file (if created) and rerun 'make zImage'
>    (been doing this at least once per kernel compilation, but never
>     did finish.. accidentaly deleted the entry.o file.. as i'm typing this
>    i'm recompiling after reinstalling 1.3.77)
> Finally, my system is a 486/40, TI 486, AMI chipset, 8MB RAM, 2 850MB HD.
> Any suggestions/comments??

Signal 11 errors are often caused by faultly hardware I believe.

Bad motherboard, cpu or RAM.


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