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Re: What happened to debian ftp site timestamps?

Rick Macdonald writes:
> It seems all of the timestamps on files at ftp.debian.org are Mar 6, and
> on  ftp.i-connect.net they're Mar 7 exactly 8 hours later.

This has to do with timezone issues, I believe.

As for the problem, it happened when the master archive got moved.  If you 
don't want to download everything, grab ls-lR, and write a script using awk 
or perl to touch each file to the correct time.  I didn't get to that, and am
just downloading everything.  If I paid by the minute, I would have written 
the script.  Note:  You should mirror a couple of files to determine the 
offset that your timestamps will be from the site you're mirroring from.

> This wasn't the case a few weeks ago, and I'm not aware of anything changing
> on my end. It has played havoc with my (personal) mirror of debian files.

It did with mine, too.
I'm sorry it happened, but it would have been impossible to fix.

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