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Re: Integrating local changes

> (b) Is there a way to create, say, an `emacs-local' package that
>     conflicts with `emacs'?  Could I make `emacs' a virtual package?  Or
>     should I just keep calling it `emacs' and use a different version?
>     (Emacs is just an example; more likely I'd be replacing /bin/login
>     or inetd or other system software.)

If your changes add something to the system, please feed them back to the
package maintainers (and upstream program maintainers) so that they get
integrated into the mainstream.

Please make sure to read the package developer guidelines, as they may address
some of your questions or at least provide some context. I think they are now
in /debian/doc/package-developer/guidelines* .

I'll let Ian Jackson and others answer your other questions.

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