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Re: Performance of Debian

' ALLAN W. BART writes:
> One of my friends is an old unix pro and he cannot believe that an intel 
> system can run x windows with any degree fo performance. I would like to 
> hear about experiences with x on let's say 486100 DX?

Well, for X, your main problem is memory.  At work this summer, I was using
a 486/66 with 16 meg of ram, and it was as quick (response-wise) as the
HP 735's.  Of course, my home machine with 8 meg swaps like a pig.

As long as it's got about 16 meg of RAM, most things will be quite 
respectable speed wise.

If you want to use it with 8, you need to watch your configuration if you 
want performance.  No unnecessary daemons, smaller window manager (Motif
likes memory)...

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