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Re: segementation fault in xboard

On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Christian Lynbech wrote:

> Even if you run just gnuchess (and not xboard) in a terminal window
> (or at the console), you quickly get a segmentation fault (and the UID
> does not matter).
> Downloading gnuchess and recompiling it does not help, so either it is
> a problem in the program or the linux version of the gcc 2.6.3
> compiler. There really is no way around debugging the program to find
> the error, which I never got round to myself.
> Perhaps I should pull myself together and file a real bugreport to the
> apropriate spot. Real Soon Now :-)

This sounds great.  I also had similar experiences.  In the mean time, try
using crafty to play chess.  It compiles and runs easily, but lacks a lot of
documentation (look at options.[ch]).  Start with building the small or
medium book.  It is actively supported and plays a good game of chess.  It
is somewhat compatible with xboard and winboard using 'crafty xboard' and
can also run as an internet chess server ('crafty ics').  Available by
anonymous ftp at: ftp://willis.cis.uab.edu/pub/hyatt

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