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POP3 server and APOP

I am running a debian-1.1 system.  Several people use POP clients such
as Eudora Pro to retrieve their mail from this system.  That client,
and others such as vm in emacs, can use an authentication method
called APOP.  I haven't checked the RFC but it seems that this depends
on the server sending a time stamp in its greeting message.  The
client combines the password with the time stamp to produce a one-time
authentication stamp.  It seems a good idea compared to sending raw
passwords across the net several times a day.

This authentication does not appear to be available with the local POP
server.  A connection to port 110 produces

+OK arcola POP3 Server (Version 1.007) ready.

Does anyone know if there is an update for the server that allows APOP

Douglas Bates             Dept. of Statistics, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
            (visiting at: Dept. of Statistics, U. of Adelaide)
   bates@stat.wisc.edu    or   dbates@stats.adelaide.edu.au

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