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Re: bug reports in ftp area now compressed ...

(From private Email)

Sven Rudolph writes:
> I assume that you are responsible for the bug reports mirror in the
> ftp area at master.debian.org .


> Since the last restructuring they have been stored there gzipped. Now
> a WWW client cannot follow the links anymore, because it looks for
> files ????.html, but only the file ????.html.gz is available. 
> I'd suggest to store the files uncompresse again. Compressing does not
> save that much in space and makes using the files quite difficult.

Hmm..  Good point.  I didn't think of that.  I guess it seems reasonable
to compress the plain text versions, and keep the html ones uncompressed.
I was just looking to save some mirror traffic.  Looking at 20 meg that 
totally turns over once a week at the least.

> You micht want to ask others for their opinion on this ...

Does anyone have any opinions or use models that they can help me with here?
I must say that I really have no idea how the ftp'able stuff (or even the email
stuff) is used.

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