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Re: ftp site and dpkg

> this must be a stupid question. where can i find debian's ftp site? also,
> is there any way to install .deb packages on other distributions, even
> a self-made linux box? (namely, is the source code for dpkg availabe? :)

The 'official site' is ftp.debian.org, but they are having problems with
their network connection at the moment.  ftp.microworld.net is the next
site for the latest packages.  If you look at sunsite.unc.edu in 
/pub/linux/distributions/debian, or tsx-11.mit.edu (in a similar dir),
there should be a mirror of the stable release of Debian (0.93R6).

The 'binary' directory holds all the .deb files (arranged by category, 
such as 'base' (where dpkg is)).  The source for everything is in a
dir called source (surprisingly enough).  There is the original source
as provided by the upstream maintainer, as well as a .diff file which 
contains all the changes in the source to make it work with debian.

While you can use dpkg to install Debian files on a non-debian distribution,
this is _not_recommended_.  If you want a full Debian system, it is
_very_ difficult to convert from another distribution.  If you just want
one .deb file or so ... well, I've never tried it.  Good luck. :)

				- John Larkin	
				- jlarkin@hmc.edu
				- http://aij.st.hmc.edu/~jlarkin

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