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> At work, I get this one from time to time.  It *appears* to be
> the IDE controller and a flaky caching chipset.  In this case,
> I won't rule out a memory caching problem on the motherboard either
> (usually shows up on machine with >16megs RAM).  

Hmm, ok.  This machine has 32 megs of RAM on it.  Perhaps I should try
pulling a 16 meg simm.

> My suggestion
> would be to get a nice and *plain* $50 IDE controller (ISA or VL) and
> try it.  If you get seg. faults still, then I'd be taking
> a closer look at the motherbaord.

That is what we had in the first place, an el-cheapo IDE controller.
I'll look at it again.  Thank you for the advice!

> Another thought, *disable* the caching on the IDE controller.
> You could cancel out the DMA since I doubt the card will
> use DMA in that state.  Anyway, I'd be interested in your
> experiences.

I dunno how to do this. :)


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