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Re: Compose-key keytables


> Ok, I admit it, I'm a complete fool.  I'm running a vanilla 0.93R6
> system with the bash that comes with it.
> Now, how do I change the keys produced with the Compose/Combine key
> (Ctrl-.)?  I'd like to change it to behave more like a VT320, as
> I'm used to.  Please don't tell me it's hardcoded in the kernel...

No, the Kernel supports loading of Keytables, Fonts and much more. This is
done on a debian System in /etc/rc.boot/console. The command loadkeys will
load a table of key assignments. You can store compose definition in such a
table like:

compose '"' 'O' to 'V'

See keytables(5) and loadkeys(1) for further informations. You can also get
the Kernels default compose-settings from

The default keytable used inside the kernel without loading is given in
/usr/src/linux/drivers/char/defkeymap.map. (Use this only for reference).

You can get a lot more informations from /usr/doc/HOWTO/Keystroke-HOWTO.gz
and /usr/lib/kbd/keytables/README.

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