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Re: Problem with NIS-login, RPC

Stefan Duehr wrote:
> Problem: NIS-login, RPC
> On prt-i3 we installed Debian 0.93
> While booting, there is the following error message (3 times):
> clnttcp_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - RPC: Unable to receive
> After booting, NIS-logins work fine, but after an indefinite time,
> NIS-logins no longer work:

It seems that the ypbind daemon dies under certain circumstances.
If you're using a netstd version prior to v1.24 you should update
your netstd package. If it still doesn't work you can try the BSD
version (ported to linux by Miquel van Smoorenburg) from
ftp.cistron.nl /pub/People/miquels.



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