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Re: compiling kernel under 1.1

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Junebug wrote:

> i seem to have problem recompiling the kernel after i upgraded to ELF (1.1)
> from 0.93R6.  the system seems to work okay except the xserver-mach32 problem
> i posted before. everytime i compile the kernel, it either stops when make
> dep get to bsd_comp.c saying this file can only be compiled as a module, or
> does fine on make dep but returns error compiling main.c saying /include/asm/
> io.h line 78 and 82 have conflicting type or structures.  i have just about
> the entire devel directory isntalled, including the ELF stuff and the aout
> compatibility stuff. can someone please tell me what i did wrong? which files
> i should or shouldn't have gotten.

What kernel version are you trying to build? Some of the modules stuff 
changed recently. This io.h problem sounds like you don't have your linux 
and include/asm links correct. Take a look at the README file that comes 
with your kernel-source, under software installation it will describe the 
procedure for setting up these links correctly.

I am running 1.3.57 and bsd_comp.c compiles as a module no matter what I 
do! I would be interested in seeing your .config file if you are building 
a 1.3.57 kernel and still get the bsd_comp error, otherwise this is from 
trying to compile an earlier kernel. 



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