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Re: User support questions that are best ignored

So Bruce - when are you doing the Debian package?


Bruce Perens writes:
>> Is there any way I can get the ray tracing software that you used in
>> the movie "Toy Story"? If you used a lot of software than I wan't one
>> that works for windows, has different color wire frames that you can
>> move around the points and make ray traced images, and that you don't
>> need any special things (only like 8 mb ram, hard disk space, and
>> windows 3.1, basic stuff like that) where could I obtain some thing
>> like that? Could you just zip it up and give it to me through email.
>> Thanks for your time. I didn't see Toy Story but I liked all those
>> comercials you did like the one with the snowman and the mermaid.
>Bruce Perens <Bruce@Pixar.com> Pixar Animation Studios
>Toy Story: > US$177M domestic box office receipts and an Oscar so far.

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