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Re: Strange inconsistency

On Fri, 2 Feb 1996, Stephen Masterman wrote:

> I'm trying to mount my IDE CD-ROM drive (its a NEC) and I am getting the
> following strange inconsistency:
> # mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/hdb /cdrom
> mount: fs type iso9660 not supported by kernel

Error messages from mount are not always to be taken literally.
1) Are you sure the cd-drive is ide/atapi?
2) Are you sure it is /dev/hdb?

If it is hdb, then it shares a cable with your hd, the hd being
jumpered as master with the cd as slave. That doesn't seem to 
allways work. The best way to connect a cd-drive appears to be to 
give it an ide channel of its own, where it should be jumpered as 
master. That channel should be next to the last hd. In your case
the hd stays master of the primary channel (so it is hda) and the
cd-drive moves to secondary, becoming hdc.
Newer systems often come with two channels. In older systems the
secondary is usually provided by a soundcard, which may be jumpered
as tertiary by default. You'd want to change that to secondary.

Hope this helps a bit,

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